Advertising campaigns

advertising is a media activities , which are indispensable for any activity , whether commercial or economic , Advertising campaigns considered Activity communicative organizer,It aims to bring changes to the target audience through image.

Web Design

Each design depends on creative ideas by creative designers to proceed in the design process,The idea of drafting and design has been placed to improve ideas very carefully through by all team members.


it is a distinctive character of the company Include the logo and colors and all that expresses the company its products or services,So that the public can get to know the company,Once you see this distinctive identity.

Print adverts

the print media direct and indirect is considered,Internal and external,One of the important factors that contribute directly effective in creating a mental picture of the recipient for any facility.


With the proliferation of visual media,And its importance to delivery of the message to the Target audience It emerged different forms of visual media,such as TV commercials, documentary films

Logo Design

the Logo is a distinctive brand to Any company in the world,this design should be expresses the company in its main products and services just by looking by the appointment of shapes and colors expressing these products

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We are pleased to extend our expertise in the field of integrated advertising services and Web services
We are a team work Dots are keen to provide all advertising integrated solutions It includes the design of the logo and its applications and basic Web design services
Which is the logo and repaint – letters – business cards – envelope correspondence – Folder – diary – Brochures – Flayers – brochures – catalogs – brochures – Posters advertising – Publications – billboards
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