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Colors :
If you work in the field of design, it is very useful and even necessary to take the idea of the implications of the colors and its impact psychological and messages carried by, Brighter an extremely important factor may be the difference in the success of the design, if done well used to fit the message you want to deliver. It is most powerful tool for non-verbal communication that can be used as a designer .fcolna programmed to respond to the colors .. and messages that reach the subconscious we form our ideas and this sometimes depends on the environmental and culture around us

Meaning behind the colors and how to choose the right color

Meaning behind the colors and how to choose the right color

Meaning behind the colors and how to choose the right color:
Martin says Christie’s, the famous London designer logos, “Understanding the psychology of Alolon is a very important thing when designing a successful logo.”

Choose colors in the design is one of the most important design steps. The human mind responds dramatically visual indicators, and is considered one the color of the main factors in determining this response. Each color carries many meanings around it, so you must know the meanings of colors and their meanings and principles and then learn how you can apply these principles in the design of the logo.

Colors able to be messages and objectives of the design, as each color has an effect either negative or Ajaba If you do not improve the choice of colors will your design fails even if it did the opposite connect you to choose the right colors to suit the purpose of the design Vanma will become attractive and very ideal design. So let your success as a designer logo will be supported and strengthened if you have a thorough understanding of the psychology of colors.

What are the meanings of the colors?
All Alalon, including black and white, have an impact on the design of the logo. As a designer you need to choose colors carefully to improve specific elements of the logo and is working to clarify the Inquiry by choosing the right color and tone.

In general, the bright colors and bold attention-grabbing dramatically but can appear a bit reckless, and faded colors convey a more complex and sophisticated image, leading sometimes overlook viewed.

Red: a color of nature, warm color, and expresses this color for passion, danger or aggression, courage and excitement, as was the red color known to be a catalyst for the appetite, and therefore it is used in many of the slogans of restaurants and food products. Choosing the color red for your logo makes it racy and movement.

Orange: A lot of people see that orange is the color of creativity, innovation and modern thinking. This color also carries the meaning of youth, fun, joy and the ability to access and endurance.

Yellow: the designer must be careful when using it for the yellow color in the design of logos, because it carries some negative connotations, including the significance of cowardice and deceit and use it in the warning signals. Beyond that, the color yellow is associated with happiness and sunshine and demonstrates the hope and optimism.
Green: is the color of nature, beauty, tranquility, trust, honesty, optimism and patience, and also expresses the activity, precision and emotion. This vital color often used by organic food companies and plant and also in skin care to refer to natural ingredients products.
Blue: is one of the most commonly used by corporations colors, it carries with it the meaning of professionalism, seriousness, honesty, sincerity and calm, and is associated with the blue color of authority and success, and for this reason it is used by financial institutions, government agencies and major corporations.
Violet: It is a royal color, it shows that luxury and sophistication. It has long been associated with the church violet color, which shows the wisdom and dignity, and has historically held this color the meaning of wealth and good deeds.

Black: This color carries a double meaning, on the positive side, usually associated with power, elegance, and on the negative side, it can be associated with evil, death and mystery. Most designers tend to use black color in logos bold monochrome.

White: Generally associated with purity, cleanliness, simplicity and naive. Many companies choose to have a color copy of the logo and another version white. For example: the word Coke in the company’s logo appears in white on a red Coca-Cola cans and bottles infrastructure, while can be a word in red when used on a white background.

Brown: This color has connotations potency, and is usually used for products relating to rural life and outdoor.
Choose one color gives you more control over what people will watch in your logo, and on top of that you can also use it as a private brand strategy Bk.ouma over time people will start linking color with your brand. But nevertheless, there are some successful globally and logos that use multiple colors such as Google, windows, eBay which shows that these companies offer a wide range of products and services. For further clarification, the five Olympic rings logo multi prematurely assume the meaning of diversity and inclusiveness.
Designers slogans recently started using mosaic patterns in the design of logos, which requires a course to use several colors ranging from bright contrasting colors to reach the different gradients of color per share.

If the client that you design a logo it is a global company, you have to choose the logo colors very carefully. There are cultural differences in the way the interpretation of colors. For example, the red color carries meaning of luck in China, while considered the color of death and mourning in India. You should take these differences into account when designing your logo.

Ultimately, you do not have to put a lot of emphasis on the choice of color, many of the people suffering from color blindness, in addition to that there is always the possibility that the logo that you you design the client can make a copy of it in one color or even different colors, the client’s right to be used color that is he wants. So make sure you choose the color that enhances and supports logo design, but does not determine his identity.

The use of color in web design

The use of color in web design

The use of color in web design
The colors of the most basic elements that make up the web page, but the most important criteria for evaluating this page. Color is also linked to the content and character associated with the designer. Colors reflect the identity of the site and its direction many times. Sufficiency a single color may be negative in the site most likely, but must multiplicity of colors and diversity of content and according to his place and his job. Combinations of colors masterpiece of the site has been made, but of course without exaggeration in the use and diversity in many grades.
When we talk about the colors we include so we talk about the background colors, text colors, links colors, colors of the website’s photo, … etc. Note a lot of professional sites use a white background with gray text or black and beautiful design of the buttons is not pretentious or exaggerated. This thing definitely will satisfy visitor will not strain the eyes and will provide a lot of useful third-party effort on the developer.
Of the most important things that the designer must be taken into account is the user’s ability to read the content is excellent and clear. Here we will serve us much variation. I mean a different degree of contrast text from the background score dramatically so that you can highlight text and straining the reader’s eye to read the content. It is not reasonable to use a black background and writing are gray! Or blue. It will cause inconvenience to the receiver appointed and guarantee you direct his release from incomplete browse the site.

You may not find this problem in most of the sites such as corporate sites or known sites, but I was having a lot of them in personal blogs and the use of the color pink in abundance on the background is suitable for the eye and for reading. This problem deprive me from enjoying the content of the Code and in a manner unintended be a blogger has lost some of its visitors.
Of course, while doing a site, select the degree of contrast, Valowhit on a black background, or vice versa is a 100% variation due to the apparent contradiction between the two colors. Taking into account the fact that the black background may not be the easiest to read the most, Valkhalafah with dark tint and text inadequate and distinction.
One of the mistakes the use of two colors next to some of them bright or above some. Example: Use a bright green background color and text color orange! Actually view is desirable to the eye and does not encourage reading, not even attract attention! The designer must realize that the site is not a party or colors exhibition but it is a standardized selection of colors that serve the site and the visitor. Bit I feel that those who use these colors in its still in the nineties, where the design of these primitive and lack of professionalism.
color blind:
Many color-blind can not distinguish between degrees of green, for example. Or the patient can not color blind to distinguish between orange and yellow. Or cobalt-blue and the green. You should take into account this point to reach your site Boloanh for all. Avoid the use of colors that you might not be able blindness chromatography owners to identify.
Web-safe colors:
As in printing are no safe colors for Web can all screens and display systems. In order to ensure the appearance of your site for all, as you have shown your choosing safe colors difference does not occur when the different screens, views, and operating systems.
I think now with the development of the screens, this point will not become a problem anymore. But the caution and professionalism
Colors links:
Be sure to be different colors for the content links color or body text so that the reader can see a clear link. Everyone became aware that the blue color in the texts mean hyperlink This color is also the default color in all browsers while not giving any value to the color of links. Some of them would prefer not to change it and some do not mind so much disagreement, provided clear from the text to draw the reader’s attention to the presence of a hyperlink. As for the links in the menu bar and browse the site you can use any color compatible with the design of your site.
Significance of importance:
Colors are an important element of the user an indication of the importance of what Atcefha. Or to bring attention to something that wishes to obtain the attention of visitors. For example, often it uses red and orange in the design of the task buttons in the process carried out by the user. Red more important, followed by orange. Green and blue color is often used for less important things. Example: Amazon site / used the color red to indicate the price, which is important here, and orange to add the item to buy, and the blue color of the least important details in the procurement process and that the procurement process has been successfully without them.
* I tried to sum up what I knew and understood what I read about the use of color in web design. In the end, we do a combination of private and laws that will ensure you taste the success of your site and its usability by visitors. Stay away from exaggerated colors and a lot of them and without multiple reasons. Remember that simplicity is the secret of beauty which is the secret of the success of the most famous and attractive sites.

Professional design:

Professional design:

The design is well thought out steps to accomplish the required us to work as we want, and it is a concept consisting of a number of key elements that Taxi beauty to produce the work satisfies the high Zouks. From this standpoint and from the professional team in the design depends on the idea with the aim, beauty, professional, keep up with the zeitgeist

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